Thursday, October 20, 2016

Installing the Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 on devbox

For complete Reference download Sitecore Experience Platform installation guide from this url.

If you are installing Sitecore Experience Platform for first time then please go through this post:

Hardware Requirements:
1.       Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2GHz or faster processor.
2.       RAM: 512 MB minimum, 1GB – recommended.
3.       1024x768 or greater screen resolution required for advanced operations.

Software Requirements:
As it is browser based user interface and we required one of following browser versions:
Google Chrome 25+
Mozilla  Firefox 17+
Internet Explorer 9+
Apple Safari 6 for Mac

Installing the Sitecore XP from the .EXE file:

Please download Sitcore installation program from this url and follow below steps:

1. Launch the exe application, installation wizard will appear, click on next

2. Select New Instance and click on Next

3. Click on Next

4. Click on Next and select complete

5. Click on Next and provide license file path

6. Provide your database credentials

7. Provide path for your project and click on next

8. Enter your Website name and click on next

9. Click on install

10. You should see below screen on complete of installation

Default password is b.

That’s all folks.

In Next blog we will set up visual studio project for mysite.

Happy Sitecoring!

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Sitecore CMS Introduction – From developer perspective

Sitecore is a web content management system.  As per research and analyst firm Gartner’s 2016 Web Content Management report Sitecore is once again top in leader’s category. Sitecore is built on ASP.NET. So any developer can learn it easily. It would be exciting to explore around 1300 classes and 5000 methods.  Sitecore is fully customizable and extendable, and practically anything can be overridden or extended.

Sitecore CMS made up of three databases:

Master:  As a developer you start working with Master database. It is where new piece of content is created, renamed, deleted and edited.

Web: Its subset of Master database optimized for size and speed. When content is published, the latest content version is copied from the master to web database.

Core: The core database is all Sitecore settings, manage membership and hold the entire configuration for all Sitecore applications.

Cool Sitecore features for developers:

1.       Caching
2.       Scalability/adding servers
3.       Security configuration
4.       Multi-lingual support
5.       Multi-site support
6.       Multi-device support
7.       Implementing workflows

We will explore all these cool features in upcoming posts of my blog.

Cool Sitecore features for marketers:

1.       Tracking & analytics
2.       Personalization
3.       Building marketing campaigns
4.       Content optimization

If you are willing to learn Sitecore or you have an opportunity to learn Sitecore then don’t think. There is a very good community support which makes getting started with Sitecore very easy.

Useful links for novice Sitecore developers: (New Sitecore Stack Exchange Site) (Slackchat community for Sitecore) (Download the latest version of the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform)

Next time we will cover how to install Sitecore on a windows machine.

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